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Plant FAQ's


Q:  Do we need to water or feed the plants?
ANO, you just have to enjoy them. Our trained technicians will tend to your plants on a regular basis.

Q:  My plants have a few yellow leaves what should I do?
ADON’T PANIC. Some yellow leaves from time to time are a normal events of the growing process. As new leaves are formed older ones will tend to die off. Your technician will attend to this on her service visit. If there is a question or concern please contact our help person at 909 381-0206.

Q:  I have a VIP visit soon. Can I rearrange my service visit to have the technician call beforehand?
A:  Yes, we can normally accommodate this if you can give us as much notice as possible.

Q:  My offices are being refurbished and I need to move some containers to a new location, what should I do?
A:  The plants were originally chosen to best suit their specific location. We would ask that you give us a call to arrange for someone to advise on the best areas for relocation. We can store your plants, if necessary, during the relocation process.

Q:  I have noticed some small black flies around the office that seem to be coming from the plants. How do I resolve this?
A:  Occasionally the small black flies, i.e. gnats, or sometimes called ‘ Sciarid Flies” can find their way into the plant bedding material. They are active where the top of the bedding material is moist, or in food debris (for example a discarded apple core). Please alert one of our technicians to this condition if it exists.  We employ safe methods to remedy this problem.

Q:  I think one of my plants has died and I need a replacement as soon as possible. What should I do?
A:  Contact Garden Interiors at 909 381-0206 with your details and we will arrange a service technician to correct the situation, usually within 24 hours. It is extremely unlikely that you should experience complete plant demise, although we are dealing with a living product, and it is not impossible. Factors that may contribute to this are the age of the plant or the type of plant chosen for the environment, or the timing of the service. These circumstances are under our control and as such replacement costs are met by GARDEN INTERIORS. Other factors such as the addition of fluids, (especially tea, coffee, or soda) to the soil by others, moving the plant to an unfavorable environment without consulting GARDEN INTERIORS first,  accidental damage caused by extreme temperature changes are out of the control of GARDEN INTERIORS and may involve a charge for replacement. Our goal is to resolve this situation for you as soon as possible, should it ever arise.